Thursday, August 20, 2009


網友 xlvector (他是 Netflix Prize 中達成 10% 的兩個團隊之一 Ensemble 成員) 在 Resys 討論群組 提到一篇微軟研究院發表的研究報告 DebugAdvisor: A Recommender System for Debug,這篇報告的主題是如何使用推薦系統技術幫助程式設計師執行除錯工作,DebugAdviser 則是他們的成果。

因為我找到的 PDF 連結是壞的,還沒有機會看到全文,所以只能從摘要想像大概。不過,這的確是個有趣的想法,推薦系統不僅在 attention economy 大環境裡協助企業主攫取客戶注意力,還能協助程式設計師更好的完成他的工作(assignment),看來 "We're limited only by our imagination" 這句話真是一點都沒錯。

DebugAdvisor: A Recommender System for Debugging

In large software development projects, when a programmer is assigned a bug to fix, she typically spends a lot of time searching (in an ad-hoc manner) for instances from the past where similar bugs have been debugged, analyzed and resolved. Systematic search tools that allow the programmer to express the context of the current bug, and search through diverse data repositories associated with large projects can greatly improve the productivity of debugging. This paper presents the design, implementation and experience from such a search tool called DebugAdvisor.

The context of a bug includes all the information a programmer has about the bug, including natural language text, textual rendering of core dumps, debugger output etc.

Our key insight is to allow the programmer to collate this entire context as a query to search for related information. Thus, DebugAdvisor allows the programmer to search using a fat query, which could be kilobytes of structured and unstructured data describing the contextual information for the current bug. Information retrieval in the presence of fat queries and variegated data repositories, all of which contain a mix of structured and unstructured data is a challenging problem. We present novel ideas to solve this problem.

We have deployed DebugAdvisor to over 100 users inside Microsoft. In addition to standard metrics such as precision and recall, we present extensive qualitative and quantitative feedback from our users.

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  1. 沒有人留言,那就自說自話吧,Resys 討論區又有人提到用推薦系統做入侵偵測的研究,推薦系統真的不是只能賣書,但是究竟推薦系統還能做什麼?




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