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我向來不是很關注 Conference 的訊息,但是這學期開學後,一個月內接連聽到好幾個老師談他們對學術會議「價值」的看法,促使我反省原先的態度,所以這幾天作了一點功課。我發現下面三個 Conference Ranking 的列表頗有參考價值,抄錄於後,一則是備忘,再則分享給有興趣、有需要的人(grin)。

The Computer Science Conference Ranking Website 2008年2月1日公布的名單中,
筆者比較熟悉的 Databases / Knowledge and Data Management / Data Security / Web / Mining 領域,有 84 個會議進入排名中。
SIGMOD: ACM SIGMOD Conf on Management of Data (0.99)
VLDB: Very Large Data Bases (0.99)
KDD: Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (0.97)
ICDE: Intl Conf on Data Engineering (0.97)
ICDT: Intl Conf on Database Theory (0.94)
SIGIR: ACM SIGIR Conf on Information Retrieval (0.94)
PODS: ACM SIGMOD Conf on Principles of DB Systems (0.94)
WWW: World-Wide Web Conference (0.92)
FODO: Intl Conf on Foundation on Data Organization (0.92)
ER: Intl Conf on Conceptual Modeling (ER)
CIKM: Intl. Conf on Information and Knowledge Management (0.90)
DOOD: Deductive and Object-Oriented Databases (0.90)
DEXA: Database and Expert System Applications (0.90)
SSDBM: Intl Conf on Scientific and Statistical DB Mgmt (0.90)
COMAD: Intl Conf on Management of Data (0.90)
EDBT: Extending DB Technology (0.90)
VDB: Visual Database Systems (0.88)
SSD: Intl Symp on Large Spatial Databases (0.88)
CoopIS: Conference on Cooperative Information Systems (0.87)
IFIP-DS: IFIP-DS Conference (0.86)
DaWaK: Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery (0.86)
ADTI: Intl Symp on Advanced DB Technologies and Integration (0.86)
NGDB: Intl Symp on Next Generation DB Systems and Apps (0.83)
MDM: Int. Conf. on Mobile Data Access/Management (MDA/MDM)
ARTDB: Active and Real-Time Database Systems (0.83)
SAM: Intl Conference on Security and Management (0.83)
CODAS: Intl Symp on Cooperative DB Systems for Adv Apps (0.83)
IFIP-DBSEC: IFIP Workshop on Database Security (0.83)
EFIS/EFDBS: Engineering Federated Information (Database)
Systems (0.83)
IDEAS: International Database Engineering and Application Symposium (0.82)
USITS: USENIX Symposium on Internet Technologies and Systems (0.82)
KRDB: Knowledge Representation Meets Databases (0.82)
ADBIS: Symposium on Advances in DB and Information Systems (0.81)
DBPL: Workshop on Database Programming Languages (0.80)
ICOMP: International Conference on Internet Computing (0.80)
NDB: National Database Conference (China)
IKE: Intl Conference on Information and Knowledge Engineering (0.79)
NLDB: Applications of Natural Language to Data Bases (0.79)
FQAS: Flexible Query-Answering Systems (0.79)
DMIN: Intl Conference on Data Mining (0.79)
DASFAA: Database Systems for Advanced Applications (0.79)
IDC(W): International Database Conference (HK CS)
NRDM: Workshop on Network-Related Data Management (0.78)
RTDB: Workshop on Real-Time Databases (0.78)
BNCOD: British National Conference on Databases (0.76)
WebDB: International Workshop on the Web and Databases (0.76)
MEWS: Mining for Enhanced Web Search (0.76)
DASWIS: Data Semantics in Web Information Systems (0.76)
DMDW: Design and Management of Data Warehouses (0.76)
OODBS: Workshop on Object-Oriented Database Systems (0.76)
ADC: Australasian Database Conference (0.75)
USENIX Security: USENIX Security Symposium (0.75)
PDIS: Parallel and Distributed Information Systems (0.75)
WCW: Web Caching Workshop (0.75)
DOLAP: International Workshop on Data Warehousing and OLAP (0.75)
WECWIS: Workshop on Advanced Issues of E-Commerce and Web Based Information Systems (0.74)
ICDM: IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (0.73)
KDEX: Knowledge and Data Engineering Exchange Workshop (0.72)
MobiDE: Workshop on Data Engineering for Wireless and Mobile Access (0.71)
MDDS: Mobility in Databases and Distributed Systems (0.71)
TAKMA: Theory and Applications of Knowledge Management (0.71)
WIDM: International Workshop on Web Information and Data Management (0.70)
DMKD: Workshop on Research Issues in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (0.69)
WAIM: International Conference on Web Age Information Management (0.69)
CDB: Constraint Databases and Applications (0.69)
SWWS: Semantic Web and Web Services (0.69)
DTVE: Workshop on Database Technology for Virtual Enterprises (0.69)
IWDOM: International Workshop on Distributed Object Management (0.69)
PAKDDM: Practical App of Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (0.65)
ADMA: Advanced Data Mining and Applications (0.65)
PAKDD: Pacific-Asia Conf on Know. Discovery and Data Mining (0.64)
W4A: Workshop on Web Accessibility (0.63)
DATESO: Databases, Texts, Specifications, Objects (0.62)
K-CAP: International Conference on Knowledge Capture (0.62)
PKDD: Principles of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (0.62)
KDDMBD: Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining in Biological Databases Meeting (0.61)
KES: International Conference on Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems (0.61)
DBA: Databases and Applications (0.60)
DNIS: Databases in Networked Information Systems (0.59)
PAKM: Practical Aspects of Knowledge Management (0.57)
KDID: International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery in Inductive Databases (0.55)
SCN: International Conference on Security in Communication Networks (0.54)
KR: International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (0.53)
SDM: SIAM Intl Conference on Data Mining (0.51)


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