Monday, August 8, 2011

I can do the same.

微軟研究院的研究員 danah boyd 在  Google Plus 發表了一篇頗長的文章, 談她對最近她發表幾篇談社群網路實名制和相關議題文章(比如說這個這個)的讀者反響的想法,深感讚佩。抄錄其中幾段於後,因為,就像文章後某個讀者的留言,我希望自己也能做到I can do the same):
My arguments are not coming from a point of hatred towards any company or individual, but stemming from a determination to speak up for those who are voiceless in many of these discussions and to provide a different perspective with which to understand the issues.

And when I get pissed off about something, I rant. And that can be both good and bad. But I've found that my rants often make people think. That's what motivates me to keep ranting.

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