Again - You Want Innovation, Offer a Prize

又是一個 You want Innovation, Offer a Prize 的例子,微軟在今年(2007)九月初宣布,提供總額一百萬美元的獎金,鼓勵學術界在 Sematic Computing 和 Internet Economics 領域的創新研究。

研究計畫得到微軟認可的單位,可以取得使用 Live Search query log 的權力,對於研究者,資料的誘惑是想像不到的大呀....
To advance academic research and publication in the area of Internet Research and, in particular in data mining, information finding, information supply, and Internet economics, Microsoft intends to make available to the RFP awardees a Microsoft adCenter Search query log excerpt with 100 million search queries along with ad click logs sampled over a few months, and a Live Search query log excerpt with 15 million search queries with per-query search result clickthroughs “(execution of a limited license for use of these assets will be required). In addition, Microsoft adCenter will provide advertiser accounts to all winners.
The total amount available under this request for proposals (RFP) is $1,000,000. Microsoft Research anticipates making approximately 20 awards averaging $50,000, with a maximum of $100,000 for any single award. All awards will be made in $US. Awards are generally made as unrestricted gifts to the institution.

[資料來源]:Beyond Search – Semantic Computing and Internet Economics Request for Proposals 2007


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