Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Support them in your heart !

如果你(妳)和我一樣,是個咖啡愛好者,你一定知道「肯亞 AA」代表的意義,一個網路上直銷咖啡豆的商家,用「甘甜,含有豐富果香味,濃純度佳,適合中深度烘焙,尾韻平衡持久,杯底餘香」這樣的句子,來形容這種咖啡豆的風味。

但是你(妳)知道,生產這種頂級咖啡豆的國家,最近發生了什麼事情嗎?去年底的(2007/12/27)的大選之後,肯亞國內兩個最大的種族團體 Luo 和 Kikuyu,為了「選舉不公的真相」(這世上只有權謀,只有利益,那裡會有真相呢?)爆發了流血的種族衝突事件。依照路透社的報導,到本週一(2008/1/14)為止,死亡人數已經超過六百了。

不管所謂的專業新聞媒體說些什麼,請看看這兩篇部落格文章:「鮮艷的 chery 與恐懼並存的肯亞」和「We Got Out of Kenya, But What About the People Who Live There?」吧,讓他們告訴你,在地球的另外一端,究竟發生了什麼?
In a crisis like this, in a country like Kenya, any small token of support can work wonders. Even if you don’t support Kenya with your wallet, support it in your heart. Think of the highly-educated, industrious people of Kenya, half of whom are twenty years of age or younger, and of the hopes, security, and actual prospects that they have lost in the last two weeks. Imagine yourself, or your child, in a similar situation, and ask yourself what you would do. And what you would want others to do to help you through this time.

Whether you send a prayer or a wish or an even more tangible form of support, put yourself in their shoes. Use the freedom that you have—so similar to that which the people of Kenya truly believed was theirs—to wish the people of Kenya the safety and strength to survive what is likely to be a very hard times ahead.
再說一遍也不嫌多:對於這地球上所有受苦的人們, even you don't support them with you wallet, support them in your heart

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