Tuesday, April 13, 2010

誰來教我 (II)

SEO by the SEABill Slawski 一口氣列出 14 種寫作部落格文章的破題手法,你最常用的是那一種(幾種)?  (看到 Bill Slawski 的分析,突然想到兩年半前的舊文:誰來教我 寫博文)
  • a. Using a journalistic inverted pyramid style, where you begin your post with the most important text first, answering typical journalist questions such as ‘who,’ ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘how’? paragraph.
  • b. With a story or anecdote or case study that might capture visitors’ attentions rather than first providing the central fact or opinion behind your post.
  • c. With a statistic that might surprise or generate responses or both.
  • d. In a question and answer format, where you provide a set of questions and their answers, possibly starting with what you might consider to be the most important question and answer.
  • e. Following a narrative or timeline, where you begin at the beginning and work forward in time.
  • f. In a conventional essay style like you might have learned at school, where you build a foundation for an idea or set of concepts and then show the conclusion.
  • g. By referring to someone elses’ blog post or article or a news story, and stating that you agree with some of it, all of it, or none of it, and then explaining why.
  • h. Asking your reader to imagine some hypothetical situation, or asking them to call up some memory.
  • i. With a straightout question, meaningful or even rhetorical, possibly in a ploy to generate comments and discussion.
  • j. Addressing a specific person, and writing to them.
  • k. By disclosing something about yourself that your readers may not have known.
  • l. With a definition that describes a concept that is central to your post.
  • m. With a picture or illustration that highlights some aspect about what you want to blog about.
  • n. By laying some foundation for your expertise on a subject based upon your previous experiences or education or both?

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