Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Ten Commandments

I found the "commandments" in the MyShare recommendation list. The rules appeared in a well-known Taiwanese blogg [終極邊疆 BLOG] in '03. I think it's really important to bloggers, fresh and veteran. Don't forget why you're blogging and blog for yourself.

1. blogging for fun ,for yourself, at least at beginning

2. don’t force yourself to blog just for periodically update.

3. don’t limit your blog to min. or max. length.

4. don’t blog just for audience.

5. don’t be afraid of opposite comments.

6. Blogging is to share your thought, your opinion, not your ” me too”.

7. Blogging tools and interfaces are for convenience, not for “Wow! so fascinating!” The same as
your site layout.

8. If you don’t want someone reading your blog, never put it on.(Even he/she don’t know you have a blog)

9. Try to remember why you are blogging.

10. forget the first 9 rules. use the 10th instead: BLOG FOR YOURSELF!

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