Old-school scientist

Outsider 在上週提到著名學者 Les Valiant 獲得了 EACTS Award 2008Michael Mitzenmacher 撰文祝賀 Valiant ,文章裡說 Valiant 是典型的老派科學家:
From my standpoint, Les is an "old-school" scientist. He spends a long time thinking very deeply about difficult problems, trying to come up with results or frameworks that will fundamentally change how we think about something. And as the list of his results show (see the complexity blog post and comments; whatever you think Les has done, he's done even more than that), he's been amazingly successful at it; he's had several once-in-a-lifetime results. As part of his style, he doesn't care about his paper count or h-index. This type of science is incredibly risky, and not for everyone. But it's a remarkable example of what's possible.
字典說 old-school 表示捍衛或信守固有或保守的價值觀,如果說挑難題來作、不重視論文篇數和 h-index 是傳統科學家的作風,那麼相對於老式作派,新潮的科學家應該是怎麼樣呢?

雖然 Michael Mitzenmacher 說像 Leslie Valiant 這樣的例子是 remarkable example of what's possible,但他也說這種 old-school scientist 是很危險(risky)的。old-school 究竟是好還是壞呢?