Tuesday, May 13, 2008

[BOOK] The Last Lecture

We cannot change the cards we are dealt,  just how we play the hand.

上個月,我在這兒介紹過蘭迪.波許(Randy Pausch)教授的在得了胰臟癌之後,卡內基美隆大學為他安排的一次演講 Last Lecture,約莫在我介紹演講影片的同時,與演講同名的書籍 The Last Lecture 出版了。




I think the most important thing I learned as I grew older was that you can't get anywhere without help. That means people have to want to help you, and that begs the question: What kind of person do other people seem to want to help? That strikes me as a pretty good operational answer to the existential question: "What kind of person should you try to be?"

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做一個更好的人,可以過上更好的生活,所以「我」要做一個更好的馬克杯!! Image Source: I NEED COFFEE: Life is Coffee Comics #23