What is RSS - Part II

今天在 SheGeeks 看到一段話,實在是忍不住:

I was attempting to explain RSS to a friend. I told her that it’s an easier way to get updates about a site instead of having to visit the site all the time. After I finished explaining how to get the updates, her reply was: "So can I get RSS for Victoria’s Secret?"

SheGeeks 的作者 Corvida 說:由此可見,Social Media 沒有進入大眾生活,要晉身主流(mainstream)還有一段路要走啦。我的想法是,看來我實在不需要為大四的資訊系學生不知道什麼叫 RSS 嘆氣 ...

(發表後才發現今天是 RSS Awareness Day , ORZ)

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