Friday, June 27, 2008

[感慨] It's over. Google Wins?

一年前,Read/WriteWeb 宣布 :Google has won。但是作者 Bernard Lunn 仍然樂觀的舉出許多創意和技術上的方向,並且興致勃勃的討論 What is Post-Search。RWW 其他作者寫了這篇 Top 17 Search Innovations Outside Of Google 告訴大家,除了 Goggle之外,學界和產業界仍然有許多金頭腦(們)竭力改變搜尋的面貌和產業版圖,而且Google也沒有停止創新的腳步,誰知道明天我們會看到什麽?

一年後,John Batelle 看到 Yahoo 在面對微軟收購壓力的失措,還有新創公司的蹣跚腳步,不由得感嘆 It's Over

In search, it's over, Google wins. With Yahoo flailing, and Microsoft hiding in the weeds, search is slouching toward a natural monopoly. We may as well call it. Sure, there are really interesting startups. But....nothing that interesting.

So now what? What might be next?


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