Eric Schmidt talked about Web 3.0 at Seoul Digital Forum

自從 Eric Schmidt(有人不知道他是誰嗎?) 在 Seoul Digital Forum 接受記者訪問時開了 Web 2.0 一個玩笑,說 two point o 是個行銷名詞(marketing term),韓國籍的博客趕緊將這段錄影上傳到 YouTube 去,一時間在每個書籤網站(尤其是國外的,咳),可以發現引用、轉錄這段錄影的博客,多得罄竹難書

其實這段只有一分多鐘的訪問,重點是後半段 Eric Schmidt 談 Web 3.0 那幾句話。這幾句話咬字很清楚,說的不快,要聽懂不算很難,不過為了避免二手傳播誤人,有位正港外國人把訪問內容寫下來,大家對照著聽吧...

My prediction would be that Web 3.0 would ultimately be seen as applications that are pieced together [and that share] a number of characteristics: the applications are relatively small; the data is in the cloud; the applications can run on any device - PC or mobile phone; the applications are very fast and they're very customizable; and furthermore the applications are distributed essentially virally, literally by social networks, by email. You won't go to the store and purchase them. ... That's a very different application model than we've ever seen in computing ... and likely to be very, very large. There's low barriers to entry. The new generation of tools being announced today by Google and other companies make it relatively easy to do. [It] solves a lot of problems, and it works everywhere.