New evidence - it should be 1652 ?

先前在查 Coffee House 資料時,花了許多力氣,最終還是在 The First English Coffee House - 1650 or 1652 裡,得到一個模稜兩可,非常滑頭的結論:

雖然不同出處的資料略有出入,綜合以上從網路得到的資料,對照 The Coffee Book 的原文, 我們可以得到一個還算可以接受的結論:大不列顛第一家咖啡屋,在1650年成立於 Oxford;而倫敦(London)第一家咖啡屋的成立時間,是 Oxford 咖啡屋開門的兩年後,西元 1652 年。

不過剛剛收到 Amazon 的推薦購買裡發現這本

在產品資料中,書籍簡介(Book Description)裡,很明確的說 :
When the first coffeehouse opened in London in 1652, customers were bewildered by this strange new drink from Turkey—hot, bitter, and black as soot (好狠的說法). But those who tried coffee were soon won over, and more coffee-houses were opened across London, America, and Europe. For a hundred years the coffeehouse occupied the center of urban life, creating a distinctive social culture. They played a key role in the explosion of political, financial, scientific, and literary change in the 18th century, as people gathered, discussed, and debated issues within their walls。
這應該算 1652 的又一個證據吧...

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