Monday, March 31, 2008

Updated Blogoshpere Size from David Sifry

Some may claimed that the the size of blogosphere makes no sense. But I do think that the size matters. Indeed, we should find a clever way to "interpret" the numbers. But saying that size doesn’t matter in all cases though is quite plainly wrong.

Last spring, we learned form the report State of the Live Web , published on April 15, 2007, that there're 70 millions tracked by Technorati and there're 120,000 new blogs being created around the world . In addition, the data said that there're only 15.5 millions updated there sites during the last three months (that means they're active).

We haven't seen any update on the size of the blogsphere until January, 2008. The founder of Technorati, David Sifry, told Blogspotting (community of the Business Week ) that there're 112 millions blogs indexed by Technorati.

Kevin Burton, the CEO of web crawler spinn3r, thought that the number was too optimistic and dangerous. He insisted that the active blog should post at least once a day.

Obviously, we need a more convincing definition of "active blogs". The count of the size of the blogosphere (where active or dead) makes no sense, the size of "active" blogs may do.

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